The Caltech Distinguished Alumni Award


The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes graduates for:

  •  a particular achievement

  • a series of such achievements

  • or a career of noteworthy accomplishment

Caltech has recognized 261 alumni across all industries since it began presenting this award in 1966.

The nomination period closes on August 24, 2018.


A living alumnus or alumna who has attained any degree (B.S., M.S., Engineer's Degree, or Ph.D.) at Caltech may be considered for this award. 

Graduates who currently are on the faculty or staff of Caltech are not eligible, with the exception of those who have achieved the rank of Professor Emeritus. Awarding the DAA to a retired Caltech faculty or staff member has been and is expected to continue to be a rare occurrence. Sitting members of Caltech’s Board of Trustees are not eligible until they have achieved the rank of Life Trustee.

Selection Process

Selections are made by the president of Caltech based on recommendations from a committee comprising faculty, staff, and alumni. The president’s recommendations are confirmed by the Board of Trustees.

Submitting a Nomination

A narrative nomination letter or brief is vital and helps the nomination committee understand the out of the ordinary, remarkable, and distinctive achievements of your nominee. Your letter or brief should highlight the achievements and impact of your nominee as it relates directly to the award criteria (found above).

Anonymous or self-nomination sare not accepted.